My readings are a blend of mediumship, futuristic and soul work. I love the future and offering people hope to carry them through their changes in life. My specialties are vast. I find a connection with people who have difficulty overcoming obstacles due to emotional and mental blocks. I work a great deal with those who are battling and trying to find acceptance with self image issues, abuse, homosexuality and love. They have all been things that I had to overcome and I am continuing to work on through the course of my own spiritual development. 

As a medium I find the most beautiful healing a person can receive during a session is to connect with a loved one that is on the other side. Our connection with those we love remains intact even though they are not physically present. It's amazing how many clues, reminders and messages can come through. If you sit for a session, there is no garuntee that who you want to come through will but somone will usually show with a message that you will be able to identify with and recognize.

Through my readings I hope to share with people tools for self empowerment and self love.  Knowing, speaking and living one's truth is essential to finding fulfillment and creating a life of happiness! You create your own destiny! 

I am a "jack of all trades," when it comes to divination. I can read anything and everything. It's pretty simple how it works...

All I need is a name and birthday. My guides will work along with yours and your loved ones to relay the messages that you are supposed to receive. I am simply a messenger of the divine. The readings utilize all of my senses. Your messages are displayed to me through seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling. I also can get information from pictures and I encourage people to show photographs. They may be of people who are living or deceased. I only ask that the eyes are clear and the picture be as current as possible if the person is living.

My services include private consultations, phone or Skype readings and couples sessions and workshops. Please see my session information page for more information.