I’ve always felt that I'd sort of stumbled on to my path as a psychic. I mean sure... my family believed in signs, omens and intuition but psychics were sort of a joke or not mentioned at all. My great grandmother Frances known as “Goma“ to me sparked my passion for the occult and spiritual realm. She would babysit me every day after school and during the summers. It was in these times that she taught me about astrology.  I was hooked!! Goma, told me that the signs and stars above would always tell me things about people.  It was from this point forward that I began to dabble in the occult. 

My child’s play consisted of reading a million astrology books, playing with an Ouija board, tarot cards and holding séances with my cousins. I especially loved palmistry and would read anyone’s palm that came in contact with me.  I was fascinated how it just came natural to me! It was like I could key into people using this tool of divination but still I never really thought it was real... just a coincidence that things would line up. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I would meet my very first psychic and medium, Patty. I was blown away!! 

Patty was referred to me through a co-worker. She had gotten a reading and I came up during the session. Curiosity killed the cat!! I decided to make an appointment immediately. Instantly when I sat down to meet with Patty it was like she knew my heart. She spoke about my field of study at college by saying that I was surrounded by women and children. At the time I was the only man in a class of 45 women studying early childhood development!  Patty relayed to me messages from my great grandmother and described her features to me in great detail! She said that my psychic gifts and intuition were very strong and eventually I could work in the healing field. I just needed to be patient. It was at that point I began to understand and believe that psychic energy was real and valid. 

A few years past and I was introduced to another psychic named Rosalie. She was my mentor. Rosalie told me that I was a palmist.  She said that I would be known as the “gay palmist”. Roe, said that I had a place on this path and it was time to explore my gifts and work as a psychic. I dove into it without hesitation. I started reading at local gay bar in Philadelphia and the flyer had my name on it but underneath read “The Gay Palmist.”  During time I learned that basic core lessons of being a psychic. Prayer, meditation, faith and most important to trust my intuition and know my truth. 

I’ve since let go of the external tools of divination and watched my gifts grow and constantly evolve. I know now that I am conduit of the divine source and that my guides, angels and loved ones provide the wisdom and messages for myself and others.  I have also been fortunate to re-connect with Patty who has helped me to understand my gifts, the spirit realm and the universe. We all have psychic gifts and abilities. We just have to listen and trust them. We are all to be teachers for one and another.  This life is one big lesson!